Posted by: bullyforme | August 5, 2009

One more time, with feeling

I’ve been contemplating a few re-runs from my old Bullyland blog, to fill in time gaps between new blog entries and also to just revisit the old days. The way my songs feel like my children to me, so on a lower level are my other writings – poems, essays, blog entries.

I was going through old blog entries, trying to find one or two or three of my favorites that I would consider posting here. My qualification was that they be on the lighter side. I’m not always Little Miss Sunshine (although I am always Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong), and some of my literary wanderings have taken me down a somber road. I didn’t want any preachy ones either; even I get tired of my own blah blah blah; you know.

As all my old blog entries are archived by month I randomly clicked on June 2006 and lo and behold, one of my very favorites appeared in front of me.

“Pluto” didn’t seem to generate a lot of interest when I wrote it, there were 0 comments and I couldn’t see the page views (thanks, seacoastconnects!). But, it was one of my favorite little kids when I wrote it. I loved that I’d found the perfect Pluto pics to illustrate the entry. It was one of the few that I liked to revisit time and again and one that I had a hard time believing I wrote. Yet I never got the usual comments or emails, so I guess it wasn’t as clever and cute as I believe.

I wasn’t alone in the room when I found “Pluto” and relayed the above musings. “I love this little “Pluto” entry, I really think it’s one of my best,” I said aloud.


“Yes, Pluto, you know, the blog entry I wrote when Pluto was taken out of our solar system. I love it but no one ever seemed to care for it.”

“That’s because no one cared about Pluto!”

The person I was conversing with will remain unnamed for failing to recognize or appreciate the irony here.

Oh well, literary genius is relative, I suppose.

Read: “Who Died and Made You King of the Universe?”


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