Posted by: bullyforme | August 13, 2009

Cash for the Auto Industry…I mean, Clunkers, Program

(note: the following entry was created from thread responses I made in the “cash for clunkers” thread in the Secoast Lounge forum, members of the forum have already seen much of this)

The government’s “cash for clunkers” program seems at first glance to be beneficial, but from the get-go I was bothered by it.  The more I discover about it the more I find it’s stinkin’ up the joint.  In reality, this program contributes to the “all about me” way of thinking and living that has depleted this country’s finances and resources. It rewards people for turning in the gas guzzling land-yachts they shouldn’t have bought in the first place for fuel efficient models. As usual, the government continues to reward/bail out/encourage teh stoopid. (All of a sudden, the mortgage crisis comes to mind.)

The auto industry has been the “backbone” of this country for way too long and shouldn’t be any longer. The only reason the “cash for clunkers” program is in effect is because of auto industry lobbying. You don’t hold on to a vestige of manufacturing just for the sake of it. When something becomes obsolete there is a reason, and something even better is in line behind it to replace it. It’s evolution, progress, survival of the fittest! Get rid of the auto industry’s political pull and more useful industries will prosper.

Focus should be on local agriculture and technology. If more technology/agricultural jobs were created there would be no bleeding of jobs overseas. There should be a revolution in this country’s priorities; the auto industry needs to rescale. It shouldn’t be such a major player in Washington. It’s just a business. The government needs to stop treating it as a government entity.

When one thinks about the petroleum saved by going “hybrid,” one must also think of the uncountable, unthinkable proportions of petroleum it takes to produce new cars and to dispose of the old ones. Don’t forget how much fuel is involved getting these gas behemoths off the road, and new cars on the road. Wrap your mind around the process from start to finish, and include all consumption and waste generated by employees, factories, and distributors.

If auto production were to slow down remarkably (because people aren’t buying new cars until their old ones wear out) it would more than balance out the current guzzlers’ consumption. Then as this generation of cars gradually fades, hybrids/fuel conscious cars & alternate means of transportation will fill the void at a better pace.

It’s not really helping the middle class or the planet anyway. It’s only helping the auto industry. You think you’re getting $4500 for your ‘clunker’? First of all, it’s your tax dollars. Wouldn’t you rather use them another way? And I’ll bet dealers will jack their prices somehow to make an extra buck (color me jade). Is the program creating a better environment, helping to save the planet? I don’t think so. Did you know they are required to destroy your “clunker’s” engine, leaving nothing recyclable? Woooow.


Maybe the government should offer a $4500 tax benefit to hold on to the cars we currently own until they completely shit the bed for good. Screw the auto workers union, cut free the union chains. Auto workers can change their jobs from auto manufacturing to auto remanufacturing & repair. Or maybe they can take up farming. (Please try and refrain from sentimental images of All-American Auto Worker Joe smiling at you from behind his protective goggles at his assembly line job, an image conjured for you by the auto industry and Madison Avenue. Auto Worker Joe will get to keep his goggles for his new and improved remanufacturing/recycling job.)

The following link was provided by clanp in Traci’s forum.  It reiterates much of my opinion but also provides stats for just how little it’s really helping the economy and questions its ecological soundness as well. Plus, the author is way more qualified than I am. Snort!

The Godzilla Solution



  1. I ❤ your poll thingy – it's teh awesum!

    Oh, and the blog entry was cool too. ; )


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